Sunday, April 01, 2007

I'm reading 10 books.

So I ordered a 10 pack of classic novels...all outline the principles of success...I'll spend a bit of time posting my thoughts on each. I got the package on Friday and I've already read 4 1/2 of them.
The first one is called "As A Man Thinketh", by James Allen.
The book outlines that wherever we are, whatever we have in our lives, whatever we experience and whoever we meet, are all DIRECT RESULTS of our thoughts...our dominant thoughts ALWAYS come to fruition in our lives. This therefore means that if we entertain uncharitable or dishonest thoughts in our minds/subconscious, we will most definitely see tangeable manifestations of the negative thoughts.
The rules are exactly the same for positive or uplifting thoughts. This is particularly important in goal setting for example. I have a goal for a certain size that my businesses will be by year's end...I ENTERTAIN this thought and FOCUS on it with passion. I'm determined to achieve it so I give lots of THOUGHT ENERGY. This way, regardless of what may appear to be a stumbling block or hinderance in the way of my success, I make EVERY experience a learning or positive one and do my best in avoiding licking my wounds too much. This is the principle of The Law of Attraction.
Your thoughts guide you to take the appropriate ACTIONS to help realize whatever it is that you're focused on. Thoughts without actions are senseless. There MUST be some form of action taking place over time that will yield the results you desire...This occurs consciously as well as unconsciously. If you believe that all your relationships will suffer, and you keep focused on your PAST failed relationships, you will always be focused on having failed relationships and in some cases you may even DO SOMETHING that will aid the relationship in that direction if it's not necessarily going bad at present.
I urge you readers therefore, to TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS TODAY. They determine your destiny. Do some soul searching and find out WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO ACHIEVE IN LIFE. When you find it, FOCUS ON IT and watch your life change. Everyone has bad thoughts...Whenever this happens, you must think of the OPPOSITE of that which you do not want. Instead of saying,"Our daughter will not lose the sprint race", say something like,"Our daughter WILL WIN the sprint race" and focus your THOUGHTS on the latter statement. There's a difference between NOT LOSING and WINNING. Poor people play to avoid losing the game whereas Rich people PLAY TO WIN.
THINK about this blog post and read it, re-read it until it's totally committed to your memory then apply to your life...I apply it to my network marketing business and it's paying off. We all have this power however only about 5-10% of us ever use it....the percentage of us who are...Rich.
More next time...

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