Monday, April 09, 2007

Next Novel: Acres of Diamonds

This is indeed a very delightful and fulfilling read. Written by Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University, this novel highlights something that is a common problem to many of us today.
Most of us are living on "Acres of Diamonds", yet we seek diamonds outside of our 'habitat'. We adapt habits of complaining and whining about the lack or inavailability to find profitable ventures in our hometown while someone nearby sees the gold mine upon which we dwell but are too blind to see.
A portion of the novel outlines how a gentleman lived on a wonderful estate which yielded much produce from time to time. He was rather wealthy but he did not look at it that way. He inquired of another gentleman, "where can I find diamonds?" The 2nd gentleman wanted to know,"Why do you want to know where to find diamonds?" He expressed that he wanted to be very rich and wealthy. The gentleman described the type of areas where diamonds are most likely to be found and the enthused young man decided to sell all of his estate (for next to nothing) and go in pursuit of 'diamonds' halfway 'round the world.
The man who bought his estate from him was much wiser. He studied the area carefully and found a stream and white sand which fitted the description of the areas where diamonds are most likely to be found. Of course this man became extremely wealthy due to his observation of his 'HABITAT'.The original estate owner NEVER found the diamonds he sought...all because of greed.
The moral of the story is this; Most of the answers we seek in life are right under our noses. We just need to OPEN OUR EYES and we'll surely see them. We tend to fall into the trap of seeking foreign lands to find opportunities for improvement whereas the same opportunities we seek, are dressed in different clothing and standing right near us probably smiling at our folly.

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