Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Succeeding with what you have

This wonderful novel was written by Charles Schwab. The contents go much deeper than the title suggests.
Schwab touches on having a "natural willingness to do more than one's paid for". The employee that has to reminded when it's lunch time. The employee who doesn't get angry at his boss if he called outside of working hours for assistance in any area of the business.
He extensively writes about going the extra mile and Andrew Carnegie (who wrote the introduction for the novel), stressed how personality was a big player in Schwab's attainment of greatness. His personality attracted good people and he empowered many by his standards and the way he built relationships.
Also brought into focus is that point that Schwab does NOT believe in huge salaries...He believes that "every man should be paid for personal production." This aids in employee committment and effort.
In terms of management, a true leader must learn to manage not only his business but "manage men" (his people).
In network marketing, my coach/mentor (Michael Dlouhy) always stresses that "if you build people, people will build your business. Walt Disney says "My best resource is my people. Building a huge business doesn't necessarily mean you're a great leader...you're just a high earner. A great leader instills certain "solid" qualities in his people that give them 'stay-ability" during tough times WHICH ALWAYS COME AT SOME POINT IN BUSINESS LIFE. Such a leader builds the largest organisations and is powerful to the extent where his people follow him wherever he goes. If his company is shut down, he will still have his people with him in the next network marketing company he joins.
I suggest strongly that everyone reads Succeeding with what you have,. You can access it by visitting my website, and clicking on the bottom of the page on the link "BOOKSTORE". That link leads to exclusive books and you'll find the key to Fort Knox in there.
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Great post! In my opinion, some businesses fail because they think only of their own gain and glory.

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