Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Those Holiday Connections

Hello all.
The holidays are over but let's go back a bit. How many new people did you meet during the holidays? I'm quite certain that you made some new acquaintances and casual connections. Remember it doesn't end there...It's time now to pick up the phone and make courtesy calls...Just to see how everyone is doing. This is the beginning of the relationship that will be built and can aid in your business somewhere down the road. Remember, relationships are necessary for every business to succeed so always try to meet new people from whom you can learn new things and MAINTAIN your relationships with them. It will PAY off.
I recently met a guy from India. Neat simple guy. During the course of conversation he shared this with me. We were just having a casual chat and began discussing complex and simple businesses for people to get involved in when he SHARED the site with me. He did not pitch to me. He did not persuade me. He just SHARED....That is extremely important in business and that is the power of relationships. Salespeople do not SHARE anything with you, they almost want to command you to buy from them. Had he been a salesman I most likely would not have checked out the opportunity. Now I'm reaping the benefits from this little exposure...
Relationships...Can't live without them. Don't even try to.
See you soon.

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