Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pamper Your Customers and They'll Come Back Another Day

It's almost unnecessary to write much further than the topic already suggests. This is so true. Taking care of business means taking care of your customers as well...especially your repeat customers.
Frequent shopper programs really convey the message to customers that you really appreciate their patronisation of your business. You may have these events quarterly and give each customer the personal touch of a telephone call instead of sending out emails or "snail mail" invitations. During this frequent shopper event, you may offer special prices on the certain items in your store and you must make certain that these same offers are never repeated in upcoming sales events. Your frequent shoppers must be the only ones to benefit from such events. If the offers were made to everyone, then the frequent shoppers won't have any compelling reason to visit your establishment for the event. Their offers must always be unique and they'll come back again and again most likely bringing their friends with them.(word-of-mouth marketing).
Have a great one!

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