Saturday, September 30, 2006

The power of DESIRE

Desire exists in many parts of our lives. Some desires are stronger than others. When we aspire to build huge businesses, a true desire back of that aim is usually a powerful part of attaining it. Sometimes we want to build something because of someone else's success in it as opposed to a real deep and personal desire to do it. If your reasons for doing any business are weak, chances are you won't attain it. That's just how the universe operates. It dishes out to people whose desires are strongest in whatever they desire.There are ways and means of building desire. The most powerful one is based on the principle of 'auto-suggestion'. Self talk in other words.
Simply outline ON PAPER what you desire and visualise it. It must be very detailed and specific. It makes no sense writing down that you want a huge business or a lot of money. BE SPECIFIC and set a time frame. Read it out aloud EVERYDAY.
Here's an example:
I desire to have 5000 dollars by April 15th, 2009. I am resiliant and determined in my quest to earn this money. I can see this money before my eyes because my FAITH is very strong. I will give "XYZ" service in return for this money.
That's just a sneak peak at what ur daily self talk should be. Now you MUST read it at least 50 to 100 times a day and as you read it, visualise the end result. This may only take about 2 or 3 minutes. The more you read this OUT LOUD, the "universe hears" your wishes and your DESIRES intensify. It is very important as well to block out every opposing mental factor that may hinder your success. Never give mental energy to possibilities of failure. I've learnt that whatever we focus on, expands. Therefore I've decided to focus on my goals in order to manifest my DESIRED results.
This is no joke or hoax or black magic. Just do it. Don't try to do it. Just do it and you'll see results.

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