Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Few Reasons Why your business may have failed

Every business person who has been around for any amount of time, may have more than likely experienced failure at some stage in development. We may blame it on poor market response to out "hot business ideas". Blame it on lack of capital. Blame it on poor workforce that is inefficient in getting things done and the list goes on. However, the most common reason for business failure is the one that nobody ever seems to notice. It is the one where the business owner does not possess the appropriate MINDSET to win in business. Such a person likes to use words such as "maybe" and "try" and "attempt" and "hope and pray".
There are many business people who open businesses with many ifs and maybe's attached solidly to their psyches hence failure manifests itself in the end and we find a million and one excuses why it failed. This is indeed a very deep topic but it is very true. To win in business you must think like a winner thinks. A winner NEVER uses the words "try" and "maybe". Winners simply STATE where their business WILL be in x amount of months/years. When we use the word "try", we leave open the possibility for failure. Children NEVER use this word because they have not discovered what it is to fail. When a child makes up his mind to walk, he never doubts that he can do it regardless of how many times he may fall. Failure is not an option. When we leave failure as an option, we can easily gravitate towards it and the result is devastating. I will go deeper and deeper into this topic in detail as the days go by.

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