Saturday, January 06, 2007

Wireless Apple iPods at Macworld Expo ?

Being a real mac addict for over 6 years now, I cannot help but delay a bit on posting the answers to last post's quiz to make a few predictions for one of my favorite companies...Apple
Another Macworld Expo is here and anticipation is really sky high.
Two of Apple's most successful product lines are overdue for upgrades and what better time to announce these upgrades than at Macworld Expo 2007.
The ipods are just simply amazing. They've been pushed to the limit and my guess is, that apple has been fine-tuning some cool new wireless technology to explode unto the digital music player arena in an attempt to take the the lead from....well the leading competitor...itself. I believe that when the new ipods are released at Macworld Expo, Steve Jobs will demonstrate wirelessly updating your music library by just having the ipod near to your computer. I also believe that it will be only available for macintosh users first THEN quickly moved on to pc users. The Zune from microsoft was intended to be a real ipod so many others but the coolest thing about it is...the advertisement. Pretty cool seeing people spinning on their heads and break dancing or whatever but the ipod is in itself a whole different experience WAY BEYOND a music player so you must compete better than that. Only Apple possesses the cryptonite for the ipod...and that will be the wireless ipod which we'll soon see(IMO)
The iMac is also due for a revamp in form-factor more than desktop innovation otherwise. The current G5 imac case that also houses the intel-based iMacs should be thrown out and a whole new machine be born. We'll see added connectivity to imac with upgraded iSight and a whole new suite of iLife '07 applications. I suspect iTV will be unveiled as well...with the morphing of the mac mini, into more of a focused entertainment system...a little mac on steroids.
So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to fly as things heat up as Apple rips out from the rest of the computer pack and turns 31 years old.
I'll return to building and growing your home-based business in next post.
I'll be sharing a wonderful secret as well that will show you exactly how I am gonna DOUBLE THE SIZE OF MY BUSINESS EVERY MONTH.
Thanks for putting up with my Apple gloating.

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