Friday, March 23, 2007

Personal Development

I'm taking a look at a very integral part of network marketing that most people do NOT pay much heed to. Personal development should be the first approach to your business even if you've been previously successful in some other business. Find a good coach and work with him. My main coach is Michael Dlhouy and I can lead you to him only IF you make a DECISION to really transform your life and earn a nice onto the topic...
Personal development is a very huge part of network marketing. Most people tend to drop out before materializing the success they were promised because the hype and cool products intrigued them so they dove in head first in the heat of the moment....THEN reality stepped in and sent them spinning out of control.
The thing about networking is this; your income only grows as much as YOU grow. If there's no personal growth, your finance remains virtually unchanged.
Personal development involves mentorship and coaching. If you're Not coachable then you're doomed to failure. On the flipside, if you're coached by someone who's relating 'head knowledge' as opposed to real-life experiences, then therein lies another problem.
Personal development involves to a great deal as well, the practice of reading.
Quoting from the classic "Books are Tremendous", written by Charlie "Tremendous" Jones,
"You are today what you'll be five years from now, except for the people you meet and the books you read."

There's a saying that goes like this..."leaders are readers". Reading is very important. Network marketing constantly touts the possibility of becoming rich and financially free or debt free but these phenomena do NOT come by chance. These are only the result of a careful plan of action well-executed over time with faith, persistence, passion and consistency. These characteristics are usually "scattered" for most people so it's important to learn HOW to use and apply them to your own experiences, in order to achieve the success you want.
I believe in personal development. It 'upgrades' your mode of thinking. When your mode of thinking improves, so do many other aspects of your life. Today I received a collection of ten classic novels, some of which were written about one hundred years ago but whose principles are still the same and forms the foundation for many successful people today. Firstly I'm reading "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen. I've only gone through a few pages but in a jiffy, it covers the way in which the human thought process affects the outcome in your day to day life. Everyone's situation is a result of the way the THINK. I'll continue in a few days.
Of course if you'd like to know more about this collection I'd be more than happy to share my source with you. I get no financial commission from sharing these books so do NOT expect me to try selling you anything. I love helping people and that's my joy.

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