Monday, December 18, 2006

The Red Personality

The red personality makes up about 15% of the population. These people are self contained and direct with their feelings. IF the red were an animal, they would be a lion, an eagle or a shark.
Going driving with a Red, you will notice that they're the swiftest drivers on the planet. They're perfectly compatible with Mercedes Benz...don't get in their way.
These people walk at the speed of light and they wear solid colors which signify Power and Authority. They have thundering voice. It's forceful with volume. Their motto is,"Get out of my way NOW". When you tell them about your business, don't mention anything about family and vacation. Just focus on MONEY MONEY MONEY. That's what motivates them. If you talk about earning $2000 they will ask you things like,"Is that all the money I can make? Show me the big money"
It's very important that these people are in charge of whatever they're involved in. They will not be told what to do and don't you dare try to coach them or advise them.
If you go to a restaurant with a Red, they will TELL YOU to eat whatever they're eating and they stick to what they like.
When it comes to shopping, it's no problem for them because they just let someone do the shopping for them.
Their strengths include things like natural born leadership. They are self motivated and are ready to take action. These people will be the president of the bank, the postmaster or the military man. They will ALWAYS get their questions answered no matter what.
Their weaknesses include, they're too self-centered and their ego gets the better of them. They are extremely uncoachable. IF you ever do sponsor a Red, I wish you luck because network marketing is about coaching and mentoring and these people are absolutely NOT COACHABLE. Don't worry though, they only make up %15 of the population and you can earn quite a pretty income from an organisation that's made up of Greens, Yellows and Blues.
The only way to coach a Red person, is to get them the Color to Success audio CD.
Next post, I"ll be giving a quiz that will help you to determine whether you think like your prospects or not.
See you then.
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