Tuesday, October 24, 2006

You cannot do it on your own

I"m sure if you were to interview any number of successful/rich people, they will tell you that they did not achieve success on their own. Most if not all, will tell you that they had the co-operation of a number of others who were aligned with them, in a spirit of harmony and sympathy. This is the concept of the "Master Mind Group". Many people employ this philosophy conciously and unconciously to achieve success.
It must first be understood that no great fortune can be accumulated without the use of this concept. Previously i would have posted about life being 99% in the 4th dimension...i.e, that which we do not see or feel or hear. NO ONE can succeed greatly if he or she does not believe he or she can do it. It does not matter how skilled you may be or how experienced you are. You must first convince yourself of your impending success/achievement and block out all opposing thoughts or factors. When you do this, you MUST then align yourself with a group of people who can help you achieve your goal. It is important that you meet with this group at least once per week...more would be better but once is fine. You must agree with these people and maintain perfect harmony with them. They are there for your assistance BUT you must have something to offer to them as well. No one does something for nothing. Your plans will be reviewed with this group of people and you must constantly work harmoniously with them to achieve the goals. They are your group of mentors...a mentor should have something that you are aspiring toward...that's the most effective way they can give you guidance.
Share your plans with them and let them know what kind of help you want...They will help you polish your plans and help you to victory...
My mentor and coach, Michael Dlouhy does Master Mind coaching calls FOR FREE every Saturday night. Please contact me to find out how you can benefit from this. IT IS INDEED POWERFUL especially for those who wish to build huge businesses...especially network marketing businesses.

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