Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do I Think Like a Prospect

In network marketing, i it is most important to KNOW YOUR PROSPECT. More important that it is to know your product or service. Take the quiz below and astonish yourself. It was taken directly from the "Success in 10 Steps" ebook written by my mentor and coach, Michael Dlouhy.
Rate these items yourself, from 1 to 10, most important to least important.
I strongly encourage you to REALLY do this exercise. It will take
maybe 5 minutes. Then I'll give you the REAL answers from prospects
around the world.
And if you discover THEIR thinking is radically different from YOUR
thinking ... well, that could explain a lot!
One more thing: #1 in this poll won by a LANDSLIDE. It wasn’t
even close. So it should be real easy for YOU to get #1 right.
Let's begin.

Here's the list:
Company literature shown
• Marketing plan and potential earnings
• Training provided
• Who gave the presentation
• Product line
• Company management experience
• Up-line support
• Company image
• Sales kit provided
• Being first in your area
Now just list those down from 1 to 10, most important to least important,
from the prospect's point of view.
Do it now.
The key question is, “Are you thinking like a prospect?
I'll be posting the results in the next post and I can GUARANTEE that you WILL be shocked by the results.
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