Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Green Personality

The Greens make up 35% of the population. They are self-contained and indirect with their feelings. If they were an animal, the green would be a giraffe, a fox or a giraffe.
If you were to go driving with the green you would know easily because they map out the ENTIRE route and they NEVER switch lanes. They also drive at a slower speed.
They wear formal and conservative clothing and they walk stiff and direct. They ALWAYS have a globe in their office. They speak very slowly and they e-n-u-n-c-i-a-t-e their words properly. They also like to qualify their s-t-a-t-e-m-e-n-t-s.
Everything they do MUST be carefully calculated because they are the most logical people on earth. They are extremely analytical beings and their motto is,"Let's get the facts and figures". They take forever to make a decision but you must be sure NEVER to push them. They will sell themselves. They will ask you for another piece of literature on your company product X. They always need more and more information so that they can analyse the whole thing. The greens sometimes miss opportunities because they spent too much time making up their mind. They are very pessimistic and like to tell you why something won't work.
It's important to them to be always accurate and correct and if they were in leadership positions, they would expect everyone to be as perfect as they are.
Their strengths however include; they are the most organised people on earth. They are the best planners and they can create awesome systems for you to work with.
The Greens eat in a structured way and they always order what's on special. They save more money than any other color because money means security for them. They like to be prepared for ANY disaster or bad thing that may happen to them.
Their weaknesses: They over-analyse EVERYTHING.
However, when you want to sponsor a Green into your business, feed them ALL the literature that was ever written about your company and give them ALL the information they request of you. DO NOT PUSH THEM. When a green finally convinces himself that he can do this business, he will join you and will NEVER QUIT.
Next post I'll take a look at the RED personality...Here's a prelude...
Reds make up 15% of the population and they are self-contained and direct with their feelings. If the red were an animal they would be a shark, an eagle or a lion......More next post...Have a nice day !

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