Saturday, September 16, 2006

Build it with Faith

Every great achiever throughout history had to rely on more than their persistence alone. Persistence is closely linked to determination. Determination allows us to be persistent in our efforts to build and improve our businesses. Persistent effort is a powerful way to build FAITH. Faith is one of the most powerful forces on earth that is available to EVERY HUMAN BEING. We all access the power of faith from time to time in our lives and it usually is linked to something or someone we feel very strongly about. Faith is believing without a doubt or second thought, that we can and will achieve whatever we desire to accomplish.
Faith is seeing into the future. The desired outcome in ANY VENTURE must be visualised and held in focus. Maybe you may even wish to WRITE DOWN your desire and read it out aloud EVERY DAY AT LEAST 2 TIMES...FIRST THING WHEN YOU AWAKE AND LAST THING BEFORE YOU GO TO BED. This focus on your GOALS THAT YOU HAVE SET must not be interfered by ANY THOUGHTS OR FEARS that "it cannot be done". This is where you must GAIN CONTROL OF YOUR THOUGHTS. Every relative and "friend" who told you it cannot be done MUST BE BLOCKED OUT. Faith is a strong belief. The more you allow the ideas or thoughts about the opposite of your intended achievement to linger in your mind, the more ineffective your "faith" will be.
Every business person MUST have faith in order to excel and achieve greatness and success. If you doubt this philosophy, just ask the most successul business person you know.

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