Friday, July 20, 2007

The awesome power of MLM

MLM/Multi-Level Marketing or Network marketing is one of the most awesome industries you can be in as a NORMAL PERSON who wants to earn more income. Despite the negative press MLM gets from time to time, the real success stories in MLM are people who LISTEN AND LEARN and NOT those you see running around like they're on steroids pushing products into EVERYONE's face. MLM is about TEAMWORK.
My MLM business is the 2nd that I've joined and I'm grateful and pleased to be finally successful in it. We run our organization based on the 3 R's...Retail, Recruit, a matter of fact I've got that backwards...
First you build the RELATIONSHIP and you RETAIL, THEN and only THEN, AFTER you've built the relationship, you proceed to Recruit and build your business.
I don't have to Recruit anyone to earn good income from my current MLM business. I just retail our quality products and my company pays me commissions on that...Customers AND affiliates in my business pay the same price, so if I don't sponsor anyone into the business, my check's still generated from those retail sales...WHAT A BUSINESS MODEL.
Today I must share with you, some advice from someone who understands money and how it works. His name is Robert Kiyosaki and he's written a few best-selling books over the years...Here's what he has to say about money and MLM.

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